Frequently asked questions

These are the most commonly asked questions and answers about ppstats. If you have a good question, please be sure to let us hear it.

  1. When will Personal Proxy Statistics version 8.0 be ready? How can I help?

    To quote John Carmack of id Software, When its done! Its being worked on right now. If you think you can help, please consider becoming a developer or tester. Send an email to Stuart Children at with a very brief resume and you will be added to the ppstats developers list.

  2. What license does ppstats use? Can I use images/ideas from it in my own project?

    Please refer to our license page - ppstats is licensed under the GNU General Public License. We have tried to use only Open Source solutions in the creating of the program. This includes using Perl, GNUplot, and PNG images. You are more than welcome to take anything you like from this script as long as you adhere to issues addressed in the GPL.

  3. After I've imported all my log files into the ppstats database, can I delete them to save space?

    We do not recommend deleting or modifying your original proxy log files in any way. Personal Proxy Statistics actually depends on having constant access to your entire history of log files, even after they have been imported into the database. Modifying your log files is not recommended either, because this will certainly have a side effect on how ppstats generates statistics.

    The recommended procedure for handling your growing proxy log files is compression. Utilities like gzip do an excellent job of compressing proxy log files to be up to ten times smaller than the original size. Personal Proxy Statistics has built in support for gzip files as well. If you use compression, feel free to gzip all proxy log files except for todays log file, which is still in use by the proxy server itself.