Credits & history

ppstats was created by Kevin Pesce in 1998. The project was actually based on an existing script that stopped working on Jan 1st, 1998 (an early Y2K bug?). In true Open Source manner, he took over the script and fixed it. It was subsequently completely rewritten from scratch with numerous features added.

Version 7.1 of ppstats was released in March 2000. That year development was started on version 8.0 which was to use a database to store slightly compressed data (enabling statistics to be generated much faster). However, development stalled. Updated versions of 7.1 were released in 2001 that provided PNG support (in place of GIF).

Late in 2003, Stuart Children took over development and progress is now being made on a rewrite.

Much of the functionality in ppstats comes directly from suggestions and patches sent in by users. Many thanks to those who have contributed!

It is without saying that thanks goes to for creating and maintaining such an incredible project in the first place. Special thanks also goes to the SourceForge team for hosting this, and other Open Source projects at no charge.